How to download Arma 3 mods

Installation Instructions

Putting Files Into Steam
1. Download desired mods
2. Go to the drive where your "Program Files" are located. This is most likely in your "C: Drive". Double click it
3. Go to your "Steam" folder. This is located either in your "Program Files" or "Program Files (x86)". Double click it.
4. Go to the "steamapps" folder. Double click it.
5. Go to the "common" folder. Double click it
6. Go to the "Arma 3" folder. Double click it.
7. Drag and drop the mods you downloaded into the "Arma 3" folder you have open.

Enabling Mods in Arma 3 Launcher
1. Launch Arma 3
2. Go to the "Mods" tab
3. Go to the "Local Mod" button. Click it.
4. Go to the location where you put the mods. (Refer to location in Putting Files Into Steam)
5. Hold left-control and left click all desired mods.
6. Click "Select Folder" button.
7. Go back to the Arma 3 Launcher. Give some time for the mods to load.
8. Make sure the mods for the server you are going to play on are selected. (See what mods you need above).
9. Click "Play" and enjoy

These servers are constantly being maintained and monitored for issues. If any issues are found or if you have any questions about the servers or mods running on them, please feel free to contact a staff member here on the forums or through teamspeak.
Enjoy your stay on ZoMGaming and have fun!